Science Advisors

Transworld assembled an impressive group of experts to serve as an independent review, assessment, and audit function for its technology research, implementation, evaluation, as well as, future development.

The advisory group is comprised of scientists that are experts in microbial enhanced oil and gas recovery and other related energy based microbial science.

  • Matthew Fields Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Microbiology and Biofilm Physiology & Ecology Team Leader, Montana State University
  • Anna Martini Ph.D. – Professor of Geology, Co-Chair of Environmental Studies, Amherst College
  • Jennifer McIntosh Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona
  • Joseph Suflita Ph.D. – George Lynn Cross Research Professor, Director Institute for Energy and the Environment, Director Biocorrosion Center, University of Oklahoma