Renewable Biomethane Technology

Numerous microbial species and vast numbers of cells live in the harsh anaerobic environment of the Earth’s subsurface. Transworld Technologies (TTI) has years of experience, including field tests, in stimulating subsurface microorganisms to create biomethane from native hydrocarbons.  

These microbes obtain their energy through chemical reactions, including the breaking down of large hydrocarbon molecules present in the waters of coal seams and oil reservoirs.  As a consequence of microbial respiration elements such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are re-packaged by natural processes into mobile forms, and thus made available for potential re-use in the aerobic biosphere of the Earth’s surface. 

To enhance renewable natural gas recovery TTI has modified the technology to convert low CI waste carbon to biomethane in situ.  

This is a paradigm shift in microbial enhanced hydrocarbon recovery because it couples the conversion of waste carbon to a fungible fuel (low carbon biomethane). 

In the field, appropriate non-hazardous locally-sourced biomass and chemical activators are combined to stimulate microorganisms to create new methane.

Commercial quantities of producible, low carbon biomethane is the final product of microbial conversion of biomass in subsurface reservoirs that serve as bioreactors.