About Transworld

Transworld Technologies Inc. provides BioEnhanced Petroleum Recovery solutions to mature oil and gas fields. Our technology is designed to increase recovery factors, accelerate production, and extend the economic life of declining oil and biogenic gas reservoirs. This technology strengthens the long-term value of these mature assets.

Our patented and proprietary bioscience works in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. By leveraging existing infrastructure to deploy our technology, no additional capital costs are incurred.

“Our approach introduces nutrient treatments activating native microbes within the reservoir to increase recovery and field production.”


  • Transworld’s state of the art technology brings proven science from the laboratory to oil and gas fields.
  • Increase Production


  • Simple, efficient, and low cost solution to the recovery of existing resources.
  • Increase Cash Flow


  • Connects directly to existing field production infrastructure.
  • Increase Reserves
“Transworld provides technology solutions to Energy Producers to recover more oil and gas from their mature fields rapidly, responsibly, and economically.”