ReActiv8 for Gas


REACTIV8ReActiv8 is specifically designed for mature biogenic shale and coalbed methane (CBM) gas fields.  ReActiv8 creates additional methane through the stimulation of native microbes. Activated microbes perform more efficiently to generate new methane.  The result is an increase in gas production flattening the decline curve prolonging economic field life.

  • ReActiv8 is composed of environmentally safe compounds
  • ReActiv8 stimulates microbes to generate new methane
  • ReActiv8 is introduced via the wellbore injection
  • ReActiv8 is injected via our self-contained Treatment Skid
  • ReActiv8 Treatment is limited to Injection and Sampling
  • ReActiv8 increases gas production

“We have demonstrated real-time biogenic methane creation and increased gas production exceeding 50%.”