Patented Technology

With over 10 years of research reflected in 70+ patents, our state of the art laboratory brings bioscience to oil and biogenic gas fields across the world. Our BioEnhanced Petroleum Recovery technology is a proven process that stimulates native microbes to increase oil and gas production.

Transworld Technology Patents
Subject Issued Pending
Identifying/Activating Microorganism Genera 3-U.S. 3-U.S.
Changing Aqueous Conditions in Geologic Formation (transport, dilution, filtration, waterflow) 8-U.S.20-Foreign 12-Foreign
Chemical & Nutrient Amendments (amendments and activators) 3-U.S.5-Foreign 5-U.S.12-Foreign
Auxiliary Technologies (fracing, microbial estates, anaerobic bioreactor) 2-U.S.1-P.C.T.
TOTAL-74 Patents Issued & Pending 12-U.S.24-Foreign39-Issued 12-U.S.26-Foreign35-Issued

“Our oil and gas recovery solutions are backed by extensive research and patents that represent more than a decade of advanced R&D and field deployments. Our intellectual property pre-dates others in our industry.”